About Meta CoffeE LAB

metacoffee lab small batch coffee roaster

Suzanne and Mike here! We are Meta Coffee Lab, a local roastery located in the lovely city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Mike roasts coffee beans available for your coffee drinking pleasure as either whole beans or nitro cold brew coffee!

Mike & Suzanne

Mike has been roasting coffee since 2006 and has always dreamed of sharing his beans with others who appreciate finely roasted excellent quality single origin coffee. He moved back to Nebraska from Portland, Oregon in 2011 and met me, Suzanne, in 2012.


The good news is that Mike and I are now married so I get to drink excellent Meta Coffee every morning. Mike came up with the name when he realized metacognition and coffee really do go together. We benefit from thinking a little more carefully about the entire process that goes into the cups of coffee we drink. Coffee is an amazing drink that is connected to people at every step of the process. Mike excels at the roasting and extracting of coffee. We both have a deep appreciation for the people that create coffee and the experience that occurs when we drink coffee.

We are MetaCoffee Lab in Lincoln, Nebraska. Small batch coffee roasters.

Our Passion 

While Mike loves coffee and the pleasure he takes from perfectly roasting a beautiful single origin bean he has always had an appreciation for the number of people it takes to produce a single cup of coffee. He began educating me on the coffee cherries that are grown across the world, picked one by one, processed to reveal the bean, roasted to perfection, then extracted, and finally consumed. Mike opened my eyes to the many human hands that touched the coffee before it even reached me when I drank it in the morning.

I have always been passionate about my community and have lived in Lincoln since 2006. Mike used to joke that I should be on the tourism board because I was always talking about the wonderful people and places unique to Lincoln. When I met Mike I shared my love for our city and he shared his deep love for coffee. Thus I began to really understand the intrinsic relationship coffee has with people.

I have appreciation for metadata and metacognition and the understanding that there is always something deeper and something more than what is visible. Mike helped me think deeper about where my coffee came from and how it was processed. He helped me realize that if I care about my craft microbrew and fine wines why don’t I care about the quality of every aspect of my coffee that I drink every day? I care enough to spend a little more on my other favorite beverages so why would I drink commodity coffee as if it was just a caffeine delivery method?

Coffee is an experience. It is deeply connected to people. We love our community.

Together at Meta Coffee we hope to create moments where we can learn about coffee, the many different ways it is produced, the different ways it can be extracted, and the different ways it can be enjoyed! Because we know Meta Coffee is best when shared and we are beyond excited to share it with you and everyone else!