Fernando Nakao’s family moved to the Cerrado Mineiro when he was five years old. They were motivated by the perception that the lands on which they worked in Catanduva no longer had the same productivity and potential. They began a new chapter in their lives in these lands that were, at the time, considered the a frontier for coffee growing. Today Fernando owns and operates Fazenda Morro Feio and considers himself a son of the Cerrado Mineiro. From his parents, he inherited a deep love of the land and coffee-planting. As a second generation coffee grower, he remains devoted to the region and land that welcomed him as a child. He hopes that his children continue the family tradition of coffee cultivation.


Cerrado is the newest coffee region in Brazil. It was shaped by two important events. In 1975, the “black frost” devastated plantations in Parana — at the time, the largest coffee-producing region in Brazil — while in western São Paulo, coffee plantations were struggling against an intense nematodes infestation. These two events brought Brazil’s coffee industry to its knees.


Farmers set out in search of new areas to develop and arrived in Cerrado — an underdeveloped area with poor, acidic soil — just as a government effort was underway to understand the science of Cerrado’s soil and whether it might someday be a major food producer. Simple, inexpensive solutions wound up being effective, and coffee plants adapted well to Cerrado’s well-defined climate. Its warm temperatures, intense sunlight and dry winters aligned perfectly with the harvest, which demands dry weather. Today, coffee is grown here in 55 towns and across 210,000 hectares.


*Information Courtesy of Geniune Origin

Brazil - Fazenda Morro Feio Natural

  • Origin: Brazil

    Farm: Fazenda Morro Feio

    Variety: Mundo Novo, Catuai 99

    Altitude: 1100 masl

    Process: Natural

    Flavor: Dried Fruit Sweetness, Milk Chocolate, Crisp Apple

    Body: Medium

    Acidity: Mild