The Chiapas Highlands are rich in rainfall and nutritious soil, and the coffee farms at 1200-1750masl are naturally shaded by a lush forest canopy that blankets the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains. The coffee-cultivating Soconusco region borders Guatemala’s Huehuetenango department, sharing the area’s complex characteristics that delicately balance chocolate tones with bright acidity. Over one-third of Soconusco’s arable land is dedicated to coffee, and the region holds a long history of producing substantial volumes for export since the late 1800s.


In 2013, coffee leaf rust decimated coffee production in Central America. Due to Chiapas’ proximity to Guatemala, it was one of the first regions to succumb to the fungal disease, but in recent years, it’s also been the first to bounce back. Today, Chiapas is leading the charge in innovation and investment to bring Mexico’s coffee production back up to speed, producing high quality coffee at even higher volumes than before.


*Information Courtesy of Geniune Origin

Mexico - Chiapas Organic SHG

  • Origin: Mexico

    Region: Chiapas

    Farm: Various Smallholders

    Variety: Bourbon, Typica

    Altitude: 1200 - 1750 MASL

    Process Method: Washed

    Flavor: Marzipan, Orange, Red Apple, Granola

    Body: Light

    Acidity: Medium