We are introducing this bespoke blend made for Muchachos Food Truck to the public for the first time. This custom blend is made with beans from three different regions: Costa Rica, Kenya and Mexico. The blend is used in their handcrafted rubs (brisket,chicken and pork) and is now offered as a whole bean blend for drip, pourover or espresso extractions. The blend specs listed below provide more details on the specifics about the coffee that is used in this sweet and smooth blend. This blend works great as a cold brew method as well as the hot extractions mentioned. Don't forget to try it as a component to your next meat rub as well, you will not be dissapointed with the results. 

Muchachos Blend

  • Origin: Costa Rica / Kenya / Mexico

    Region: Naranjo / Kirinyaga / Chiapas

    Farm: La Amada / Kibugu FCS / Smallholders

    Variety: Batian, Bourbon, Catuai, K7, SL28, SL34, Typica

    Altitude: 1050–1750 masl

    Processing: Washed